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Why trust us?
HKADE aims to be Asia’s largest, most respected and most trusted online diamond exchange. Our mission is to facilitate and standardise diamond trading and investing through innovative technology, novel ways of doing things and changes to the traditional market structure.

Our company was founded by investors who share these ideals – which have been passed down to every member of our staff.
Co-Founder with proven track record
Our co-founder, Mr. Shih Wing-Ching, is a successful serial entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in the agent, investment and media industries.
Gemstone and Jewellery Expert
Our consulting team is led by a renowned industry expert - Cecilia Lam, and HKADL is led by a well respected gemmologist - Matthew To, with nearly 40 years experience in jewellery industry, giving you the greatest confidence.
Strong Management Team
Our management team is composed of high-level professionals who have worked across Hong Kong and Global markets.
Professional Standards
We use industry-standard lab equipment, procedures and training to ensure the highest level of quality and professionalism.
Reliable Partners
Our secure storage facilities are safeguarded by state-of-the-art security systems and we use one of the world’s most reliable insurance partners.
Brilliant for everyone
Whether you’re a buyer, an individual seller, a trader looking to use diamonds as liquid assets or a business looking to directly reach customers, you’ll benefit from our services in more ways than one.
A game changer
Our new way of trading diamonds lets traders get more value from their diamonds. We open up opportunities even for small retail traders.
You now have one more option when it comes to liquid precious commodities. We make diamonds as easy to trade as other commodities such as gold or silver.
More choices for shoppers
With our online global marketplace, shoppers can explore more diamonds from around the world at competitive prices.
Fair prices
By directly connecting buyers and sellers, we’ve eliminated the inflated mark-ups of middlemen and dealers – so everyone enjoys more value.
Higher margins
Traders, wholesalers and retailers can now directly reach buyers – improving margins by reducing the cost of transactions.