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Storage and Safe Keeping Receipt
With our Secure Storage and Safe Keeping Receipt services, trading in diamonds can be as quick and seamless as trading in precious metals. Our ultra-secure storage facilities are located in Hong Kong and offer complete peace of mind for those who wish to store their diamonds. All diamonds stored with us are insured.

Every diamond we store comes with a Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR), which can be instantly verified online as proof of asset ownership to banks and potential buyers. SKRs also feature a 360-degree image of the diamond, which makes it easy for potential buyers. This unique service allows fast digital trading without the need for physical settlement – so you can unleash the full value of your diamonds.
Need storage service only?
Our secure storage facilities are perfect when you need to store your precious diamonds. We can verify their *authenticity and provide an SKR so you can easily sell it later.

Go to Safe Keeping Receipt and click “Storage”. Verified items can be hidden or listed on our global marketplace for sale.