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Round Brilliant
The most popular shape for engagement rings. Also known as the Round Diamond or Brilliant Cut, this diamond features a cone-shaped pavilion to maximise light returning through the top. The angle of the crown and the pavilion are complementary; a steep crown complements a shallow pavilion angle, and vice-versa. It features 57 or 58 facets: 33 on the crown and 25 on the pavilion.
The exotic shape of this diamond makes it a good choice for engagement rings. The large square table (top facet) maximises brilliance, while its shape allows more acceptability for flaws. When buying jewellery with Princess Cut diamonds, make sure the setting protects the four corners of the stone.
This cut is prized for its beauty and precision. While it lacks the brilliance of triangular or kite-shaped cuts, it offers supreme clarity – reminiscent of pure glacial ice. This cut was originally used for emeralds, hence its name.
Also called a Square Emerald Cut, the Asscher Cut features a similar step-cut design as the Emerald Cut, but has cropped corners that give the diamond an almost octagonal shape. Like an Emerald Cut, it offers extreme ice-like clarity. Therefore, it is best to choose diamonds with as little inclusions as possible.
This cut combines the beauty of the share or rectangle shape with the brilliance of the Round Cut. Designed in 1977 by Henry Grossbard, the marriage between two cutting styles offer the best of both styles.
This oblong brilliant stone is considered a classic shape for engagement rings. It uses a similar cutting process to that of the Round Brilliant Cut, but allows the cutter to maximise the carat weight of the diamond. Because of its elongated shape, colour and clarity imperfections are more obvious than in a Round Brilliant Cut.
This antique-style cut offers a classic, romantic appeal. It is a cross between the Old Mine Cut from the late 19th century and a modern Oval Cut. This cut retains the large facets and round corners of the Old Mine Cut (a vestige of hand cutting) – perfectly designed to catch the beauty of candlelight.
The Oval Cut is a modified version of the Round Brilliant Cut – offering maximum brilliance in a more unusual shape. The elongated shape makes it an excellent choice for engagement rings that elegantly lengthen the appearance of the finger.
Another unusually shaped cut based on the Round Brilliant Cut. The 58 facets and excellent proportions allow for stunning brilliance. Yet this most interesting shape appeals to the tastes of those who prefer something out of the ordinary.
The shape of this cut is undoubtedly the most romantic of all. The proportions maximise brilliance, while its cleft top and sweeping wings add drama. It is important to make sure that the two lobes are symmetrical. As the shape makes the diamond appear smaller, diamonds under .50 carats are unsuited to this cut.